A revolution
built on 5
foundational pillars

by integrating a wide variety of ingredients in her pastries (flours, sugars, milks, oils, spices, essential oils, etc.).
sugars by pairing them with fibers to achieve a low glycemic index.
seasonal ingredients from committed producers.
by preserving micronutrients through adapted processing and cooking methods.
by reusing waste to create new raw materials.
To all pastry lovers,
I propose this DESIRE as a horizon:
what if we dared to surpass ourselves to imagine a new future?
It's your turn to play your revolution!

An educational, fun, and creative book.

Pastry Revolution stands out with its innovative approach to pastry. It consists of two main parts: the first part thoroughly explores 12 key ingredient families, while the second presents basic, classic, and creative recipes.


Part One

The Ingredient Families

This first part immerses you in a detailed exploration of the key components of pastry, providing a deep understanding of their roles and benefits in dessert creation.


Part Two

The Recipes of Johanna Le Pape

The second part of the book offers three types of recipes: 'basic recipes' (sweet doughs, shortbreads, etc.), 'classic recipes' (pancakes, lemon cakes, chocolate mousses), and 'creative recipes' by Johanna Le Pape.


We plant 15 trees for the book release with Mana 🌳

MANA plants Paulownias, which are extraordinary trees: they absorb 10 times more CO2 than the average European species and are resistant to climate change.

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